08 Mar, 2018

How Your Website Can Become Your Best Salesperson

You put time, energy, and money into building a website, so when you aren’t seeing a return on your investment it can be frustrating. As with any employee, it is imperative that all things in the marketplace representing you do so efficiently and effectively. Your website is no different and, when executed correctly, can act as your company’s best salesperson.  Consider the following items if you aren’t seeing leads and/or revenue coming from your website:

Lacking SEO

You have probably heard a lot about SEO. It stands for search engine optimization, which is an internet marketing strategy. The process ensures your website organically ranks high in search engine results. If your website wasn’t designed with SEO in mind it may not be ranking well with search engines, making it difficult for customers to find you.

Trick: There are multiple apps and subscriptions available to monitor your SEO ranking. Our favorite is Alexa.com. You can also go to Google.com and type ‘site:http://yoursitehere.com’. Below the search bar, you will see a number showing a quantity of results. This indicates how many of your web pages are indexed in Google.  The more pages, the better you will do in search engines. By adding content, you will add to the size and popularity of your site.

Not Mobile Friendly

Considering the majority of users access the web from mobile devices, your mobile site should be on point. If your company’s site isn’t responsive, meaning the site adjusts to the size of the viewing device, visitors may not be able to view or navigate your website properly. Make sure your website is being displayed correctly on every size screen. You may be able to tweak the mobile version of the site, depending on the theme your website utilizes. If you aren’t able to reformat for mobile, consider redesigning the site.

Trick: You can test your site’s mobile-readiness here: https://search.google.com/search-console/mobile-friendly

Difficult to Update

Updates to your website often get pushed to the bottom of the priority list, but keeping information and images up to date is important for maintaining a fresh look and current information. If you find it difficult to make changes to your website, it may be time for a refresher course on how to navigate the backend of your site. If you are simply too busy to maintain your site, consider hiring a company who can maintain it for you.

Trick: If you are looking to hire someone to maintain your site for you, they will want to know on which content management system it was programmed. You can find out here: http://whatcms.org/

Your website doesn’t tell people what you do.

Does your website clearly state what your company does? If your content is too technical or too vague, people may not be clearly understand or buy in to your value proposition. Often we are too close to our field of work to simply and clearly state what it is we do.

It may take an outside perspective for you to get it just right, but your prospective clients should be able to look at your website for no more than a couple of minutes and be able to explain not only what you do but more specifically how you can help them better than your competition.

Trick: Look at your website as if it was a storefront. When a client enters, what is the first thing they see? What is the first message they read? How do they move through your ‘store’ and is there a way to ‘make a sale’ at the end? This could include an interest/lead form, newsletter sign up or coupon download.

Needs a Redesign

First impressions are everything. Your website may be the first introduction a customer has to your business — is it making a the right one?

The average lifespan of a website is 3 to 7 years, although time alone shouldn’t determine whether it’s time for a redesign. Ask yourself if your current site still represents your company, as well as if it’s meeting current customers’ needs.

Trick: If you aren’t sure if your web design is out of date, visit a few of your competitors’ sites. If they have jazzy sites and yours doesn’t stack up, it’s probably time for a fresh look.

The phrase “build it and they will come” does not apply to your website. If you’re interested in increasing your traffic and making your website work for you, consider SEO; mobile optimization, content creation or perhaps a complete redesign.

If you’d like help in making your website your best salesperson, make an appointment today to discuss our web design services.

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