07 Aug, 2018

Utilizing Social Media for Digital Business Marketing

The Power of Social Media for Brand Marketing

Social media may have begun as a place to connect with friends, share photos, and interact with a community of people but it has evolved to become so much more than that.  Today, social media is a powerful marketing tool.  It is a platform on which to establish your brand and a channel in which to engage with customers. There are many ways to utilize social media for your brand and they involve more than sharing a picture or updating your status. By choosing the right platform, strategically planning your marketing calendar, and carefully curating your content, you can reach a wider demographic of potential clients and engage with existing clients in a new and unique way.  With so many platforms available it can be difficult to stand out from the masses.  For this reason, it is best to focus your marketing efforts on a few platforms that best suit your business niche and content to maximize your marketing ROI.

Utilizing Facebook for Digital Marketing

Facebook is the original social media platform but just because it has been around the longest doesn’t mean it is an old relic.  Facebook has continually adapted to be a powerful marketing tool for businesses with a variety of ways to reach your customers and grow your brand. The quality of your visual content, including images, videos, and infographics, matters greatly.  With the right written and visual content, your posts will get much more engagement and that means more clients and/or sales.

Additionally, Facebook Ads are a brand marketing powerhouse.  When optimized, Facebook Ads can lead to massive website traffic and sales conversions.  The components of an optimized Facebook Ad? Good visual media, short but well-written content, a clear call-to-action, targeted at the right audience.

Utilizing Instagram for Digital Marketing

With hundreds of millions of users, if you aren’t using Instagram for marketing your brand yet, you are missing out on a BIG audience!  Instagram has Business Account options that offer free analytics and insights into your audience’s favorite content, ideal posting times, audience age/gender/location demographics, and more!  With a few clicks, you can opt to ‘promote’ a post and target a specific audience so that your post reaches more people.

Hashtags are another powerful tool that can help your content reach more people.  And, Instagram now has the option to follow hashtags, so individuals will get a notification every time you post something and include that particular hashtag, ensuring they never miss a post.  There are other fun and useful features like Instagram Stories and IGTV that enhance your opportunities to interact with your audience and showcase your brand.

Utilizing LinkedIn for Digital Marketing

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is great for both individuals and businesses.  Like Facebook and Instagram, you can run paid, targeted advertisements on LinkedIn by either self-servicing your own ad campaign or having LinkedIn manage an ad campaign for you.  You also have the ability to ‘sponsor’ LinkedIn posts so if you notice a post or article is doing particularly well, you can choose to sponsor it so that it reaches more people. LinkedIn pages can contain a lot of rich personal or business content, so it is important to ensure it is keyword optimized so that people are able to find you when searching more easily.  LinkedIn has many ways to connect, network, share knowledge and showcase yourself/your brand as an authority, and strategically market your brand.

Leverage the power of social media to grow your brand, engage with your customers, and reach a new audience.  For expert guidance in social media management and digital advertising, contact Ignite Brand Marketing and start utilizing social media for your brand today!

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