Tourism: Umbrella Marketing Services Provided



The Client:

Business ownership in a rural community can be tough. The pool of potential customers is limited to the size of the surrounding community; and the opportunity to advertise to those outside your home market can be cost prohibitive. In many cases, those that start a business with the dream of entrepreneurship find that they have simply bought themselves a job – typically a low-paying, time-consuming one.

The City of Kingman recognized a need to help its local businesses thrive but struggled with a lack of identity, prohibiting them from effectively marketing as a tourist destination.


The Solution:

Ignite Brand Marketing created a marketing consortium comprised of 28 local businesses, where an equal amount of money was pooled from each and then spent on marketing strategies intended to raise awareness on a grand scale of all that Kingman offers. Some of these initiatives included:

  • World-wide digital advertising campaign
  • Web content creation and distribution
  • Print collateral
  • Billboard advertising
  • App development

The Results:

  • Over 1.5 million people worldwide were exposed to a Kingman message in the first year of the campaign  
  • The website quickly grew to over 20,000 visitors per month
  • 1300 app downloads occurred in the first year
  • 5800 people liked the Facebook page in the first year
  • Ignite & the Kingman Circle group were awarded the Arizona Economic Development Golden Prospector Award for the unique, collaborative initiative