02 Oct, 2018

Stand Out from the Crowd at Your Next Trade Show

Stand Out from the Crowd at Trade Shows with Eye-Catching Graphics

Many business owners and employees in a wide variety of industries attend trade shows every year. Trade shows have long been popular because they offer a variety of benefits to businesses and their employees. Trade shows are a great way to display your brand, services, and products as well as network with other people in the industry. But, if you have ever attended a trade show you know that they are often huge rooms filled with hundreds of trade show booths – so, how is a business supposed to stand out from the crowd?

You attend a trade show because you want people to get a chance to experience your brand, products, services so that they may become customers.  It is also a great time to meet face-to-face and make important business connections. But, in order for them to learn more or possibly make a purchase, they must first actually come to your booth. You could have an incredible business and outstanding products and people may never know that because they can’t find your business amongst a sea of competitors that all look the same. You need your booth to stand out, grab eyes, and draw people in, and that begins with eye-catching graphics.

Strategically Use Eye-Catching Graphics to Attract Customers

Eye-catching graphics are a trade show necessity if you want to stand out from the crowd. Signs that grab attention are often signage of various sizes that strategically utilize typography and colors which attract the eye. Graphic design that considers graphic size, composition, and sign clarity can make a significant difference when it comes to the finished product. For this reason, it is often best to work with an experienced professional that can offer their expertise in the area of trade show graphic design.

There are many ways to utilize your trade show graphics strategically. You can simply share your brand’s message on a display. And, while it may sound simple, what you choose to showcase leaves a lasting impression on customers and creates brand recognition. You can also offer a solution with your graphics. For example, you may sell a product that performs better than your competitors’ product and your signage could relay that message in a few strong words combined with imagery that reflects the message. By offering a solution within your signage your eye-catching graphic may make potential customers want to stop by and learn more. And don’t forget, your eye-catching graphics do not even have to include words, they could simply display your products and services.

Eye-Catching Graphics = More Leads

Once all of the potential leads have been drawn to your booth, have clearly seen your products, understand your brand message, and have learned more about your business, they may become customers. And, even if they do not instantly turn into customers, those graphics that grabbed attention could increase the number of leads you capture so that you can follow-up with them at a later date. Trade shows are an excellent opportunity for brand growth, networking, and gaining customers, but only if people come to your booth. Stand out from the crowd at trade shows and increase your leads by investing in eye-catching graphic displays, takeaways, and business literature.

Ignite Brand Marketing can assist you in designing trade show displays that attract your audience, draw people in, and strategically showcase your brand. We can also help with business literature and trade show takeaways.

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