28 Dec, 2016

Is Your Social Media Message Relevant?

Perhaps you’re diligently working on your 2017 marketing strategy as we speak. You’ve finalized your marketing budget and you’ve identified an opportunity to reach more customers through social media…but how on Earth does social media marketing work, and who’s got the time? Miraculously, a marketing company ‘specializing’ in, let’s say, Veterinarian services has recently reached out to you offering to distribute content on your behalf through your social media channels. Sounds amazing, right? Now, on October 26th, 5 of the Cutest Halloween Costumes for Your Dog will pop up on your fans’ and followers’ Facebook pages and the customers will come pouring in…Unless there’s a catch.

Generic content, generated by companies that claim to specialize in your industry but have never set foot in your business can rarely effectively represent your brand. The intended beauty of social media advertising is that it personifies your company. Your brand becomes relatable and tangible…something real. The cookie-cutter content created by these types of companies tends to be impersonal and generic; and can you imagine if another veterinarian in your area has signed up for the same service and is posting similar (or worse, the same) content?

Your content should embody your brand and a unique perspective, encouraging customer engagement with your posts. The goal of your social media strategy is to get your fans and followers to like your content, share it, and/or add their comments. The more interaction, the more visibility for your business. If you’ve recently signed up for one of these services, take a look at your customer engagement. If you’re not seeing likes, shares and comments it isn’t working…and you may actually be losing fans.

If you want to implement an effective social media strategy, your first step is to think about why your clients choose you over another competing business. What is your competitive advantage? What are the things that set you apart? Maybe you utilize state of the art technology, or specialize in a particular niche, or maybe you provide the most value at the lowest cost? Once you know what is drawing your customers to you, you can create valuable content around that theme. Ask yourself, “What do I wish our customer’s knew already?” Utilize social media to educate your customers on your area of expertise. There is no better channel for educational marketing than social media. Your customers will find value in your content, a connection which will drive them back to your business when they’re in need of your services.

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