Non-Profit: Umbrella Marketing Services Provided



The Client:

The Boys & Girls Club of Kingman needed to transition from a rural community childcare facility to a premier youth development center to better fit the needs of its surrounding community. This decision came with quite a few challenges, however, including (1) a somewhat negative public reputation, (2) incorrect preconceived notions of their operations and purpose, (3) a lack of advocacy, and (4) minimal funding.


The Solution:

The first step of the BGC marketing strategy was to standardize the brand value proposition. By developing a Mission, Vision and Value statement, a roadmap of key points was created for use by the board and other community advocates. Using information from the value proposition, the online brand of Boys & Girls Club of Kingman was then optimized. This included a complete redesign of the Club’s website, along with a new focus on social media messaging and specifically in building their Facebook audience.

Education within the community was key to overcoming some of the objections to the Club. The marketing team developed the Did You Know campaign with elements that included (1) a logo, (2) a mission, vision and value statement to be used as a road map when discussing the Club, (3) a quarterly print and email newsletter, (4) social media educational posts, and (5) a new Parent Handbook. By branding the Did You Know campaign, Boys & Girls Club of Kingman was able to share information about Club progress, statistics, funding and programs along with testimonials from the kids and recognition for new donors.

Funding for the Club was perhaps the most critical objective for Ignite’s non-profit team. The plan to increase funding included three unique initiatives: (1) New Events, (2) Just$10, and (3) Impact Futures (IF) Campaign.

Just$10 was an individual giving campaign that encouraged local community members to commit to donating $10 per month which would go towards the funding of BGC programs. The Just$10 campaign consisted of (1) a logo, (2) website donation functionality, (3) Corporate supporters that would offer a discount to Just$10 members, (4) window decals for corporate supporters, and (5) member cards.

The corporate giving Impact Futures (IF) campaign was comprised of a subcommittee within the Board of Directors and the Ignite Non-Profit team, tasked with presenting large corporate sponsorship opportunities to businesses throughout the community. The IF campaign included (1) a logo, (2) the Corporate Sponsorship Program packet, (3) a webpage, (4) a video, (5) direct mail pieces and corresponding campaign, (6) custom USB’s, and (7) digital Facebook ads that recognized IF sponsors while encouraging additional donations.

The Results:

By the end of the first year, the marketing strategies of Boys & Girls Club of Kingman had truly begun to show results. These results included:

  • Online Presence
    • Facebook Likes: 644 vs 300
    • Facebook Weekly Average Reach: 7500
    • Web Traffic: 500 Average visitors per month
  • New Events
    • Lucky Night: 125 attendees | $11,530 raised
    • Big Summer Night: 125 attendees | $21,875 raised
    • Big Holiday Tree: 16 donors | $3700 raised
  • Just $10 Campaign
    • 89 participants joined in year 1
    • $9,984 raised
  • IF Campaign
    • 12 Corporate Sponsors in year 1
    • $54,500 raised
  • Club Attendance
    • ADA: 98
    • ADA Summer Program: 88

Qualitative results included a significant improvement in community understanding and perception of Boys & Girls Club of Kingman. Ignite’s Non-Profit Team and the Boys & Girls Club of Kingman were also recognized with the Marketing & Communications Award from the national organization for the comprehensive marketing campaign that was implemented and its corresponding results.