Umbrella Marketing: A New Strategy for Progressive Companies

There’s a new buzzword in the ever-evolving world of marketing, and it’s changing to-market strategies across the country. Umbrella marketing, a cost-cutting strategy that integrates an outside agency into daily operations; streamlining marketing, advertising, brand strategy and design, is rapidly growing in popularity among companies that experience a similar set of challenges when staffing a full-service marketing department. These challenges include:


To compound issues with recruiting, changes in requirements to employee benefits have significantly increased the cost of running a business. Should a company be able to staff a marketing department, the overhead costs of salaries and benefits can be astronomical. Totaling up the average salary of a design team, a marketing manager/strategist, a project manager, a content writer, a social media manager and a web team, corporations are often looking at cost well above $350,000/year. Add to that the costs of print production, ad placement and event marketing and a return on investment begins to seem unlikely.

Umbrella marketing, pioneered by Ignite Brand Marketing, has become the solution for many of the challenges companies often face. With umbrella marketing:

  • Dedicated marketing teams assigned to clients based on background and experience
  • Vendor interaction, graphic design and strategy implementation is housed under one roof
  • Economies of scale and enhanced efficiency are often achieved through off-site services
  • Competitive advantage is increased given reduction in overhead, a consistent marketing message and strategic plan execution

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