Kingman-Circle-detailedBusiness ownership in rural Arizona can be tough. The pool of potential customers is limited to the size of the surrounding community; and the opportunity to advertise to those outside your home market can be cost prohibitive. In many cases, those that start a business with the dream of entrepreneurship find that they have simply bought themselves a job – typically a low-paying, time-consuming one. One group of small business owners in Kingman, Arizona have decided to try to improve this outcome through a collaborative initiative to market their community as a whole and on a world-wide scale.

Kingman Circle, an independent group of businesses brought together by Ignite Brand Marketing, is comprised of a variety of local businesses that include everything from tourist attractions to restaurants & bars to local services. “In our business, we get the opportunity to speak to business owners of all kinds; from large corporations to small owner/operators” said Liza Noland, President of Ignite Brand Marketing. “We began to notice a trend in the level of concern for business longevity matched only by the level of passion regarding the potential of our community. Not a single one of these businesses could afford a marketing initiative that would bring enough people to or through Kingman—but if they banded together, we knew we could really do something amazing.”

Kingman Circle functions as a marketing consortium where an equal amount of money is pooled from each business and then spent on marketing strategies intended to raise awareness on a grand scale of that Kingman has to offer. Some of these initiatives include digital advertising and online web strategies, collateral materials, billboard advertising, Kingman-focused tours and others that will take coordination with and the support of the City. “Our idea is to provide THE information outlet for all things Kingman – food and drink, upcoming events, special offers, things to do and people to see” states Noland. “We want our local community to be in the loop about what is going on and we want everyone driving through or looking for a quick Arizona day trip to realize the hidden gem that is Kingman.”



App-Icon-for-websiteApp-Icon-for-websiteApp-Icon-for-websiteWhether you live in Kingman, Arizona or are just passing through, Kingman Circle provides helpful information, local news, a list of upcoming events and special offers for those in the area. With a full listing of bars and restaurants, local services and nearby tourist attractions, this app is a one-stop resource for all things Kingman.

The Kingman Circle app and website are no longer available due to lack of funding. If there is an interest to start up the campaign again please contact us directly for more information.