Healthcare: Umbrella Marketing Services Provided



The Client:

Kingman Regional Medical Center, a Trauma IV non-profit hospital located in rural Arizona, faced multiple challenges when approached by the Ignite Healthcare Team. With a sudden change in leadership in their PR/Marketing department, an interim director was in place that would need guidance in order to fully secure her new role. They had struggled with brand identity and had underutilized their marketing budget, causing a deficiency in community education and understanding of the depth and quality of services offered. A new website had recently been launched, but had been ill-received both internally by staff and recruitment as well as by the community. The organization struggled with low morale internally and low public opinion externally, in spite of their expertise, economic impact and community involvement.


The Solution:

Through strategic planning sessions with Executive Management and multiple SWOT discussions with department heads across the organization, core competencies were identified along with five key areas of opportunity for growth and competitive advantage. Information from these sessions was then utilized in a comprehensive rebranding effort which included primary messaging and a standardized look for billboard advertising, print advertising, digital advertising, internal communications and an overhaul of the website. For decades, vendors had been used without reevaluation of costs and/or service. Vendor meetings were conducted across all services for the marketing department. Print audits were conducted, quality of work was evaluated, target audience reach and return on investment were strongly considered as new budgets were created and a media plan was finalized.

The Results:

Targeted placement, vendor negotiations and more efficient use of the advertising budget resulted in expanded awareness of KRMC services across multiples channels and a diverse set of demographics not previously reached. Brand consistency enhanced community opinion regarding KRMC and staff morale was boosted through buy-in with the prestigious new look and educational messaging.  

Quantitative Results:

  • 107% increase in Orthopedic RVU’s
  • 57% increase in Diagnostic Imaging Outpatient Tests
  • 89% increase in Mammograms
  • 10% increase in MRI’s
  • 22% increase in CT Scans
  • 40% increase in Outpatient Therapy Tx
  • 30% increase in Pathology CPT Revenue