Umbrella Marketing: A New Strategy for Progressive Companies

There’s a new buzzword in the ever-evolving world of marketing, and it’s changing to-market strategies across the country. Umbrella marketing, a cost-cutting strategy that integrates an outside agency into daily operations; streamlining marketing, advertising, brand strategy and design, is rapidly growing in popularity among companies that experience a similar set of challenges when staffing a full-service marketing department. These challenges include:


Oftentimes, having a marketing department onsite can be both a blessing and a curse. The convenience of quick revisions, the ability to see changes in real-time and the value of team brainstorming often prove invaluable. With longevity comes a familiarity amongst the group enabling consistency and uniformity across multiple projects. Over time, however, fresh ideas can become a challenge. Past marketing campaigns and sales programs become stale and new ideas can be hard to come by. Umbrella marketing companies are aware of this mental block and typically have the ability to rotate teams and/or team members through your assigned group to ensure that your look stays fresh and your brand stays competitive.

Umbrella marketing, pioneered by Ignite Brand Marketing, has become the solution for many of the challenges companies often face. With umbrella marketing:

  • Dedicated marketing teams assigned to clients based on background and experience
  • Vendor interaction, graphic design and strategy implementation is housed under one roof
  • Economies of scale and enhanced efficiency are often achieved through off-site services
  • Competitive advantage is increased given reduction in overhead, a consistent marketing message and strategic plan execution

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