Chamber Value Proposition: Umbrella Marketing Services Provided



The Client:

A small, rural community Chamber of Commerce was facing a challenge common to Chambers across the country. Membership was declining, community impact had waned and the Board of Directors was struggling to answer the question, “What is the value of our Chamber?” 


The Solution:

Ignite’s Strategic Planning Team was approached to help outline a new direction, vision and value for the Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber of Commerce branding

Ignite’s first step was to set up a strategic planning session with the Board of Directors with the intent to derive the core competencies of the Chamber and the corresponding opportunities to communicate value in a way that addressed the needs of local business owners. 

Next, a market research study was conducted which consisted of face-to-face interviews with current, lapsed and new membership. By understanding underlying frustrations, the strategic team was able to ensure that any proposed solution effectively addressed those concerns and resolved past conflict. Additionally, Ignite’s team attended Chamber committee meetings to help understand each one’s contribution to the mission, the players involved and any potential changes that may be needed. Out of this series of meetings, a new committee structure was proposed which better aligned the objective of each committee to the mission, vision and value of the Chamber.

Once the new committee structure was outlined, the Sales & Membership rep and the Ignite team collaborated on a new membership package that provided more clear and concise value to local businesses. New funding mechanisms were also created to help defer the burden of operating costs from membership.

Finally, the Ignite team consulted with the Board of Directors on the recruitment and hiring of a new CEO. By bringing on a new, dynamic leader and implementing a new membership structure, the Chamber was finally able to convincingly answer the question of the Value of the Chamber.