21 Aug, 2018

Branding and Marketing Local Communities

At Ignite Brand Marketing, we believe strongly in partnering with other local businesses to foster branding and marketing of communities to create a sense of locality and identity.  Within any state is a collection of communities and each community has its own unique identity.  Community identity sets it apart and is often something for which it is well-known.  Businesses within those communities can set themselves apart, not only as unique businesses but also as businesses that are actively involved in their community and have pride in the community in which they do business.  Every business and every community has a unique set of assets and by working together through networking and the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and resources, we can grow our businesses, and our communities as a result.

One of the best ways for any small business to network and get more involved in their local community is to join local organizations and attend events such as the League of Arizona Cities & Towns 2018 Annual Conference. I am proud to be presenting at this year’s conference on the subject of ‘Branding & Marketing Our Local Communities’ because it is a subject about which I am very passionate.

Branding and marketing are critical components of any business and any community.  People love to show brand loyalty when they are proud to be a part of that brand’s “community.”  The same is true of communities. Through the use of modern tools including websites and social media, you can spread your community’s story while simultaneously marketing your brand.  Website branding and social media are powerful platforms that, when thoughtfully leveraged, can give your brand and your community the ability to establish locality and identity while reaching far more people.

Community leaders have a valuable opportunity to promote local self-government and examine how businesses and local governments can work together in a mutually beneficial way.  I will be presenting about how a sense of locality and identity can be fostered through branding and marketing our local communities. I believe that each community in Arizona can become a destination and the way to achieve this is by celebrating each community’s unique assets.  Small businesses have an opportunity to build an online reach that tells an inspiring story about not only their business but the community in which they exist.  It is my hope that attendees will join us and learn strategies to create a true identity and see rural success stories within Arizona.

League of Arizona Cities & Towns 2018 Annual Conference

“Branding and Marketing Our Local Communities: Creating a Sense of Locality and Identity”

Wednesday, August 22nd at 1:30pm – Grand Ballroom E

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