23 May, 2016

Blogging for Business

Imagine if you will:  You have invited a marketing agency (let’s go ahead and say Ignite) to consult with you on strategies that can quickly help you grow your business. Through the course of the meeting we discuss branding initiatives, web design, search engine optimization…and then we say two frightening words: Content Marketing.

<Insert screeching background noise of a braking vehicle here> Content Marketing? As in…writing? But… You haven’t written creatively since you were forced to your first semester of college! We try to bring you back to the conversation, pointing out the clear benefits of blogging for business:

  • Keyword optimization: if you are posting new and relevant content to your site about the product or service you sell, the search engines start to believe you are, in fact, the authority on the subject. This means you improve results in online searches.
  • Trust-based marketing: if you are open to sharing some of your knowledge with your prospective customer, they will begin to trust in you as the authority before you even meet or begin to sell them on your service.
  • Branding: the personality of the company is communicated much more effectively in a blog than through a direct mail piece or printed collateral. Blogs help your customers and prospects get to know you.
  • Online Networking: if your content is good and your audience finds it helpful, they’ll share it with their friends. It’s instant networking without the awkward introduction and terrible coffee.

We feel that we’ve built a strong case, you feel like your business will never succeed because there is no way you’re going to find the time or the inspiration to write a blog.

I’m you.

I have studied the effects of blogging for businesses, I have seen the success of companies that utilize content marketing, I know that Google loves a blogger…but I don’t WANNA!

Until now…

Who better to blog about how to create a successful blog than someone who understands why NO ONE wants to blog? I hope you find value in the content I will create and that you find the inspiration to sit down every so often (even if it is once a month) and create valuable content of your own. And hey, if its awful…Google still loved all the keywords I just used 😉

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